Asociación Cultural Banquete (banquete cultural association)

After over 15 years’ evolution as a transdisciplinary process of creation and knowledge transfer, which gave rise to the banquete_ trilogy, this project has been transformed into the Asociación Cultural Banquete (Banquete Cultural Association).

Its purpose continues to be the exploration of convergences among biological, social, technological and cultural systems, as well as the development of new forms of non-linear research, training, production and cultural divulgation, focused on dynamizing the ACTSA (Art, Science, Technology, Society, Environment) area.

The Association is sponsored by Ernesto García Camarero, Luis Rico, Mónica Solé Rojo, Fernando Sáez Vacas y Alonso Valencia, with support and collaboration from the numerous persons, entities and institutions that have made the project possible for all these years.

The Asociación Cultural Banquete is starting its activities with the development of the Symbioos R+D project, which includes a distributed network platform in an initial stage during 2008 and 2009.


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