International new media artist collective comprising Mariela Cádiz (Spain), Kent Clelland (USA) and Denis Lelong (France). Their online collaborative platform is

Cádiz, Clelland and Lelong met in 1994 while studying at California Institute of the Arts / CalArts (USA), since then they have collaborated regularly. Their works range from award winning computer animation films to interactive installations, live cinema performances and compositions for new media.

Mariela Cádiz studied Fine Arts in Madrid (Spain) and Denis Lelong studied metal sculpture in Paris (France). They both specialized in new technologies for visual media at CalArts. They currently live in France and work in new media. Computer musician Kent Clelland studied saxophone performance, music theory, and composition as a prelude to his Masters at CalArts in Composition for Interactive Media. He’s currently living in Germany, designing tactile performance software for audio and video.


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